Wasatch Reptile Expo

Yesterday, we headed out to the Wasatch Reptile Expo in Salt Lake City, but we made a detour down to Provo to pick up a friend. She was supposed to be attending as well, but she doesn’t drive, and the friend who was taking her could no longer pick her up.

This was my first time meeting Sara. We’d chatted online and bonded over bearded dragons. She has an adorable bearded dragon named River. She’s pretty sure River is a girl now that the lizard has gotten big enough to possibly sex.

Anywho, back to the expo. This place had two floors full of reptile vendors. Two whole stories of snakes, geckos, bearded dragons, tegus, chameleons, and more! By more, I mean they also had spiders, but I was trying not to mention that.

No photo description available.
No photo description available.
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Big snakes and little snakes!
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No photo description available.
Another chameleon
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Danger Noodle!
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Kookaburra! She was loud!
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Cute little geckos!
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Not a lizard, but an Asian Leopard (F5). Kevin tried to talk me into getting one, but they were $1200!
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We got to pet and hold some of the animals!
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As promised to Kevin, we’d only go and look. I didn’t bring home any new animals, but it the expo posed lots of fun for those that love reptiles. One place let us hold one of the big snakes, but I don’t think anyone got a picture of me holding it. None of the animals there, save the spiders, bothered me at all.

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