About Me

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My name is Jennifer Laslie. I was born and raised in Louisville, KY. I’ve lived there my whole life, until I didn’t. Until I took one fateful trip to Glacier National Park in June of 2017 and fell in love with the mountains. Mountains that spoke to the marrow of my bones where we connected.

As soon as I’d stepped off the plane in Kalispell, MT, I took a deep breath of fresh air, and gazed at the mountains, asking, “Can we move now?”

Over the next 15 months, my husband applied for job after job through his work to see if he could make our dreams a reality. After 75 job applications, Salt Lake City was the first place with mountains to offer my husband a job.

We traveled to SLC in October to make sure we were making the right decision. We met with a realtor, toured the city and outlying areas, and decided Kevin would accept the job.

It wasn’t easy packing up my whole life and moving it 1600 miles across the country. Not with the amount of stuff we’d accumulated over the years or the amount of animals we had to take with us.

My husband had to leave me at the beginning of November in 2018. He had to start work on November 5th. I was without him for 43 excruciatingly lonely days. He came back on December 14th, 2018 to help load up the two trailers that would haul our belongings across the US and to load up the two vehicles left at our house in Kentucky and make the two day trek between Louisville, KY and Layton, UT.

We arrived in Layton, UT on December 20th with nothing but what we held in our two vehicles. Five people – Kevin, Bryce, Matthew, Jo, and me – in an empty house. Our Christmas present didn’t consist of the norm. Our gift was a new house in a new state.

The rest is history. I live in a brand new sixty year old house. We’ve updated practically everything we can on it.

Utah is my new home and I plan to share all of my adventures with you!